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Pinnacle Aquatics is recognised as an elite producer of thermal protection products for water sports . We take the best available production techniques and materials to create quality products that are built to last. Pinnacle products are the result of exhaustive research, development and innovative spirit combined with a passion for the environment. Our dedication to design makes us the brand of choice for discriminating divers worldwide.


Bags + Accessories

Bags & Accessories

Cumfo Belt

  • Stainless steel buckle
  • Strong 2" webbing
  • Self-draining pockets hold up to
    7lb block or shot weights
  • Rubber friction strip prevents
    belt slippage
  • Two thermoplastic D-rings
  • Available in black, blue and yellow
  • Four sizes to fit waists from 25" to 55"

- 4 pocket 25"- 40"
- 5 pocket 30"- 45"
- 6 pocket 35"- 50"
- 7 pocket 40"-55"

Stainless Steel buckle

  • The same stainless steel buckle that is featured on the Cumfo Belt and
    the Standard Weight Belt is available for making weight belts and for replacement use on harnesses, BC's and bags



Deluxe drysuit bag

  • Included with some Pinnacle drysuits, the Deluxe drysuit bag may also be purchased as a stand-alone item. Ideal for transporting drysuits
    or wetsuits 

Standard weight belt

  • A basic weight belt that can be custom fitted
  • Stainless steel buckle
  • 55" of 2" webbing
  • Webbing can be trimmed to
    any length
  • Available in colors black, blue
    and yellow
  • Comes packaged in a mesh
    carry bag



Freediver bag

  • Provides enough length to hold
    free diving fins
  • 'D' zipper for easy entry
  • Constructed from tough PVC
    backed 600 denier polyester
  • Handle webbing goes all around
    bag to support heavy loads
  • Removable shoulder strap for
    added convenience
37"x 14" x13" (6,734 cu. in.)

Mask strap cover

  • Mask strap cover makes masks easily identifyable and helps to make strap more comfortable for wearer
  • All neoprene construction
  • Covers rubber strap on any mask
  • Helps mask to slide on and off easier without pulling hair
  • Adds buoyancy to a dropped mask
  • Available in black and blue colors




Pacific Bag

  • Exterior full length fin pocket
  • Padded and detachable end pocket
  • Constructed from tough PVC backed 600 Denier polyester
  • Handle webbing goes all around
    bag to support heavy loads
  • Removable shoulder strap for
    added convenience
35"x 16"x 13" (7,280 cu.in.)