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Pinnacle Aquatics is recognised as an elite producer of thermal protection products for water sports . We take the best available production techniques and materials to create quality products that are built to last. Pinnacle products are the result of exhaustive research, development and innovative spirit combined with a passion for the environment. Our dedication to design makes us the brand of choice for discriminating divers worldwide.


Escape Jacket

Escape Jacket

The kids ESCAPE 5mm jacket is a versatile option that can be used to layer for maximum warmth or as a stand alone product for warmer waters

  • Jacket is constructed from titanium lined neoprene throughout
  • All seams are double glued and blind stitched with reinforcing stress disks at every seam intersection
  • Great for layering with any full suit of any thickness
  • A full length diagonal zipper that fully opens on the left thigh
  • Locking plastic zipper to prevent unintended opening